10 Pack – .3g Hash Infused Pre Rolls


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Both Recreational And Medical Marijuana Available Here At Our Shop

What’s an Infused Pre-Roll?

Infused pre-rolls, or joints, are pre-made marijuana cigarettes that have hash added to them. The cannabis extract can be outside or inside of the joint. Infused pre-rolls are in high demand. In fact, one study found that they make up as much as 5% of the legal market in California — that’s half of all pre-roll sales. They’re also found in all states where marijuana is legal and most where medicinal marijuana is legal.

Infused pre-rolls offer a unique euphoric experience by mixing different cannabis flower and concentrate strains.

Wax Infused Joints

Infused pre-rolls typically contain either ‘wax’ concentrate or bubble hash, or solventless ‘rosin’ extract,’ or other forms of resin.

Hash Infused Joints

Infused pre-rolls can also contain hash on the inside or outside — some even contain hash that’s been fully coated in rosin, meaning every hit has some hash in it.

Terpene Infused Joints

Another trend we’re seeing is the addition of extra terpenes to pre-rolled joints to boost flavor.

CBD Infused Joints

Another popular option is a fusion of THC and CBD infused into the joint, especially when used for medicinal purposes. These usually have a higher concentrate of CBD resins, oil, and strains in an attempt to better harness CBD’s healing properties. If you find the right mix, you’ll enjoy your desired head high and body high.

Differences Between Regular and Infused Pre-Rolls

The main difference between pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls is potency. You can think of a regular pre-roll as the simplest form of pre-roll, while the infused pre-roll is the same strain but with added oils, resins, and other mixtures to boost potency — and therefore, usually price too.

If you are new to taking cannabis products, you should stay away from infused pre-rolls until you know how certain dosages impact you. Once you are comfortable feeling different levels of high, you can move on to trying infused pre-rolls. But, your first time with any new cannabis product should always be done cautiously and slowly. Inhale one puff at a time, wait a few minutes to see how it impacts you, and then either take a break or smoke a little more.

This prerols are convenient because they come ready to smoke, they are in resealable packaging to allow for multiple uses, and they come in a variety of different combinations, flavor profiles, and potencies, meaning there is an infused pre-roll for every occasion.

Your friendly neighborhood budtender will be able to help you choose the infused pre-roll that will work best with your experience, tolerance, and what you’re looking for.


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