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Our Story Also known as ” The Cannabis Wallstreet ” , we now deal in almost all cannabis strains and cannabis related products. We started as early as 2001 in Littleton CO with just an interest in the effects of cannabinoids on pain and other active components of cannabis and the role they play in pain relief. We over the years realized that the process of finding solutions to many health issues such as pain, sores and canceric pain is cheap yet more effective via cannabis research companred to their synthetic counterparts . We are now an active me memeber with the national cancer institute and also a share holder with the Colorado board for cannabinoids research.


We now have farms across nine USA states and small farms and indoors labs in European countries of Netherlands in Amsterdam and Spain. Our products are all hand-grown and lab tesred in our own property labs and in so doing we ensure the supply of top shelf and lab tested products hence our products are known as the wallstreet cannabis edita.

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Our vision has never changed. With our roots being based on a simple slogan being ” Weed 420 Dispensary For All “, We have always envisioned a world where cannabis could be a free lunch for everyone or at least as easy to order weed as it is with Pizza. We keep pursuing that dream and hope as our technics advance from product to the chain of distribution we will keep reaching more and more of those in need

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