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Obama Runtz Strain

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Final Thoughts On Obama Runtz Cannabis Strain

The Obama Runtz strain is a potent weed for medical and recreational purposes. You have to take it yourself to know if it is fit for your needs. 

What Is The Obama Runtz Strain?

The Obama Runtz strain became popular in 2020 due to the street culture and a viral video. Unlike the original Runtz strain which is of equal proportion, the Obama Runtz strain has a high content of Indica with about 70% and 30% Sativa. It is a hybrid of Runtz strain, Afghani, and OG Kush.

Obama Runtz Strain Review – Obama Runtz Strain Weed Strain

By name, many people usually associate the Obama kush strain with politics. The truth is that the strain was not created in politics nor is it associated with the former President of the United States. However, the creation of the strain might have been inspired by the love of Barack Obama for cannabis.

Medical Benefits Of The Obama Weed Strain

The Obama Runtz strain has a lot of medical benefits that make it suitable for audiences of different medical needs. The high  THC content makes the black Runtz strain potent for people suffering from chronic pains. Also, for people suffering from diseases such as ulcerative colitis, the terpene content in the strain could be beneficial for them.

Moreover, people that should also consider taking the strain are people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. When taken regularly, you will feel calm and happy. In this state, it is likely that your level of creativity increases. The joy of taking the strain is that you will enjoy the feeling for a longer duration.

For those that are suffering from loss of appetite and nausea, taking the Obama weed strain regularly could help them regain their appetite. You will likely feel light when you take the strain, your stomach will become calm, and your appetite will gradually increase.


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