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Buy King Louis OG Cartridge Online In Berlin Germany


King Louis XIII is popular in the SoCal area and most known for its amazing smell and consistently testing well over the 20 percentiles. This particular strain is ideal for a patient who needs alleviation from heavy pain, insomnia, or relaxation.

Good for: Relaxation, pain, and insomnia

Order King Louis Cartridge Online In Berlin Germany

King Louis OG Cartridge may be most famous for building wigs on Males de rigeur to the French aristocracy, but in Southern California the identify will provide to mind a well-liked indica-dominant pressure. This strain announces itself as Lots of individuals did during the 1600s: by its smell.

The difference is this monarch’s odor is one which’s intended to be loved; its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with the earthy musk that can have you thinking about your last forest experience.

Bred partially from website OG Kush, Louis XIII has an exceedingly similar spicy kush aroma. Great for insomnia, this pressure generally assessments at in excess of 20% THC. Purchase 710 KINGPEN King Louis OG Vape Cartridge from 420cannabishub currently! Monopoly out there In this article!

Are King Louis carts good?

King louis all around the best

All strain specific ! (And the best strains at that) their THC percentage is higher than most and there’s no additives so very very smooth on the lungs. Very convienient and discreet carts.

How strong is King Louie strain?

Although King Louis XIII typically has a THC of between 20% and 24%, we have heard reports that it tops out at 28%. This strain has minimal CBD; usually less than 0.1%.

Is Kingpen a good cart?

Legitimate Kingpen carts have won numerous awards at cannabis competitions, making them a popular target for fakes. The company is upfront and transparent about the issue, acknowledging on its website that “since launching in 2014, Kingpen has been navigating a global counterfeiting issue.

Is Kingpen live resin?

100% live resin 0% distillate oil cartridge available in 510 thread carts. … Live Resin is only as good as the flower it comes from. • The full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil produces an entourage effect that reproduces the flavor and experience of smoking the same strain of concentrate.


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