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God’s Green Crack


God’s Green Crack, also known is GGC for short is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain created by Jordan of the Islands. They took their award-winning God Bud and with the intentions of toning down its’ overpowering sedating nature crossed it with Green Crack to provide a euphoric and upbeat buzz.

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God’s Green Crack is an extremely rare Indica-dominant strain created by crossing God’s Gift with Green Crack. The result is a splendid 55% Indica strain with a THC concentration between 22-25%, and a fruity flavour. This strain is delicious, very potent, and quite adept at improving your mood. It may also enhance your creativity if you leave if festering for a long enough time. Smoke some more, and the physical sedation will hit your body instantly!

Fruity-herbal flavour

Among the many things this strain is known for, its flavour is definitely one of them:

  • Flavour – On your first smoke, you’ll feel a nice touch of fruity herbal extracts on your taste buds. It’ll feel nice, but when the sour flavour comes rolling down, it’ll feel even better.
  • Fragrance – This is when the tropical fruitiness aims to impress you with its highly-intense smell and aroma. It’s an earthy and sour spectacle from then on.
  • Looks – With oversized fluffy green nugs that take the shape of spades, God’s Green Crack is filled with tiny amber crystal trichomes.

High THC concentration at 22-25%

Part of the reason why God’s Green Crack is a fan favourite in Canada is its high THC concentration. As a consequence, its psychoactive effects are top-notch, with ample cerebral euphoria and creativity to boost your mood for the moment. Once you’ve lifted up your spirits and you’re motivated, the physical sedation can begin unabated. We’re talking about a lot of relaxation and sedation that’ll quickly become a part of your normal day-to-day routine once you start smoking it.

Indica-dominant strain

This strain is only 55% Indica-dominant, with 45% Sativa inheritance. This allows it to offer relatively balanced effects, if only with a slight boost of sedative relaxation toward the end. Yet, at first, the onset of the high begins with a tingly cerebral effect that focuses your energy levels to a higher level. Once this strain hits you, it hits you for real, with substantial euphoria and happiness. When you’re all out of options and you’ve no idea how to relax, This strain is your best bet!

God’s Gift X Green Crack

It’s not a surprise that God’s Green Crack is a combination of two equally powerful and flavourful strains:

  • God’s Gift – With a mind-numbing THC concentration of 20-27%, God’s Gift is euphoric, relaxing, and sleepy in more ways than one. It tastes of citrusy grapes and berries, with a touch of sweet wood.
  • Green Crack – This Sativa-dominant hybrid brings a crazy THC concentration of 15-25% to the table, effectively improving your creativity and energizing your brain in a matter of minutes.



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